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Tudor fanfares

This half term we have been writing, performing, recording and evaluating fanfares for Henry VIII.  First of all we listened to some fanfares and found out what they were used for in Tudor times. We then thought of four phrases about Henry VIII. We worked out how we could say these phrases rhythmically so that they would each fit into four beats and learnt how to write these using standard notation. Next we used the pentatonic scale of G to compose melodies for our rhythms. We practised playing them on glockenspiels and then we performed and recorded them. Mrs Bowden said that we should try to play without leaving gaps between the phrases. We evaluated our compositions and our performances and finally we listened to our fanfares being played on different instruments. Most of us decided that they sounded better on a trumpet because it was loud and would grab everybody's attention. We hope you enjoy listening to our work.

Rocco and Christian

Rhys and Blake

Milly and Josie D

Madeline and Ellie


Josie P and Ben C

James and Eleanor

Isabelle and Beth

Harvey and Tilly

Grace and Aaliyah

Evie and Megan

Ella and Madison

Eamonn and Ben G

Danny and Owen

Ben M and Gabrielle