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Checking the Plausibility of Websites


The internet is made up of millions of websites but not all of them are accurate or plausible and may be heavily biased and fictitious.  To check whether the information on the site will be accurate and unbiased, ask yourself these questions:

Who created the site? Institutions such as government agencies and museums often provide more accurate and objective information than individuals do.  If the author is an individual, can you tell whether that person is an expert in the field or just someone interested in the topic?  One way to find out may be to see what else, if anything, the author has written.

What is the purpose of the site? Is it designed to educate, to entertain, or to sell something? If the site is designed to promote a product or a specific point of view, the information on it may be biased or incomplete.

Can you find the same information on any other sites? Just as you should use more than one book when doing research, you should check facts from the Web by looking at more than one site.

Look at the following websites and decide it the information on them is true or false.