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Class 2W and 2HP

Welcome to Year 2 with Mrs Ward and Miss Halliwell-Parker!


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We have two Year 2 classes at Balshaw Lane. The teachers plan together weekly to ensure that there is continuity between both classes and that all children get to experience the same learning opportunities. We sometimes collaborate and learn together as a year group which is great fun!

Our Topics

This year our topics include:


The Great Fire of London (as part of this topic we will focus on key historical skills, design and make flavoured bread rolls and use mixed media to create some amazing art work! In English, we will be writing descriptive diary entries related to the events of 1666 and instructions.)


Study of an area of a non-European country (After looking at hot and cold areas of the world, we will compare Euxton to a small village in India. The children will use different geographical sources to understand similarities and differences between ways of life.) 


Significant Individuals (We will be looking at the lives of significant individuals from the past. We will explore the term 'significant' and then look at the work of Florence Nightingale and Nellie Spindler.)


Homes in the past (In this topic we will carry out a local study. We will be looking different homes and how Buckshaw Village has changed over time using maps. We will also have a visit to Astley Hall!)


Science units throughout this year include:

Uses of everyday materials

Living things and their habitats

Animals, including humans



When covering these topics, we will be focusing on developing key scientific skills and giving the children lots of opportunities to explore and investigate!


Class Novel


We have been reading 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' in class by Andy Shepherd. We have laughed lots at the funny parts and have really enjoyed reading along and talking about the story. Now is the perfect time to finish the book at home in case we don't get to finish it in class! Lots of you have your own hard copy - maybe those who don't could download it as an e-book smiley


Some fun activities linked to the book

Please follow the link to Andy Shepherd's website to download this topic web of activities related to the book.


Please tweet us pictures of any of the tasks you complete! (We may award you some team points yes)


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