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Class 3H

Class 3H


Welcome to class 3H with Mrs Horne!
Please check twitter and follow @MrsHorne for updates on everything we are getting up to in class.

Our Topics


This year our topics include:


The Stone Age

The focus during this topic will be on key historical skills such as enquiry, questioning and chronology. Within English we will be reading the novel Stig of the Dump, writing poetry about the Stone Age and debating whether we would rather live in the Stone Age or the present day. In art we will be exploring different media in order to make our own cave paintings.


North America

Throughout this topic our focus will be on key geographical skills such as locational knowledge and understanding the difference between human and physical geography. We will be looking specifically at El Salvador, and comparing life in El Salvador to our own lives in Chorley. To explore North America as a whole we will be creating green screen weather reports on a variety of different North American countries and states. In art we will be studying the Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak and recreating some of her most famous pieces using a variety of media and in DT we will be creating our own pizzas based on the American 'deep pan', also referred to as 'pizza pie.'Throughout the Spring term our curriculum connector will be 'New Worlds'. In English we will be studying the novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and writing our own versions of the story. We will also use the text to write our own diary entries from the points of view of Hogarth and The Iron Man.


Ancient Egypt

During this unit there will again be a focus on developing the children's historical skills. This time the focus will be on world history and the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The children will be considering where this period of time falls and it's duration compared to other world history and developing their enquiry skills further. In Design Technology we will be creating our own pop-up books depicting what we have found out about Ancient Egyptian history.