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Summer Music Festival Planning sheets and lesson slides

Year 5 maths week 11 beginning 6th July

Year 6 maths week 11 beginning 6th July

Year 5 Maths week 10 beginning 29th June

Year 6 Maths week 10 beginning 29th June

Year 6 maths challenges week 10

Year 5 Maths week 9 beginning 22nd June

Year 6 Maths week 9 beginning 22nd June

Welcome to Class 5/6S!


5/6S is a mixed age group class with some year 5 children and some year 6 children.

We have a 2 year rolling curriculum to ensure that the children cover new and interesting topics each year.


This year our topics include:

  • WWII (as part of this topic we make our own rationing recipes, complete a geographical study of the local area and do work linked to the fantastic novel, 'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian).

  • Geography of Europe (we focus particularly on the areas of the Lake District in England and the countries of Scandinavia. We link landscape art work to this topic).

  • Kingdom of Benin (we learn about the fascinating history of Benin. In English we study stories from other cultures and in Design Technology, we create shadow puppets so the children can act out the Benin creation stories).


Science units throughout this year include:

  • Electricity
  • Skeleton and Movement
  • Living Things in the Habitats
  • Light and Shadow
  • States of Matter and Reversible Changes


All this and so much more!


Please scroll down to see what we have been doing in class and for links to useful resources and websites.


Mrs Singleton laugh

P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Day one of the daily workouts. Let's all get involved and keep moving every day - I will be!
Mrs Singleton :)

Class Novel

We have been reading 'Dead Man's Cove' by Lauren St John in class. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish it... so why not finish it at home? Some of you have your own copies - maybe those of you that don't could download it as an e-book. It's a great story to read and discuss with your parents or a sibling as you try to see if you can work out what is going to happen next!


Some activity ideas linked to the book:

Write a letter to Laura - what would you ask her? What advice would you give her about the messages in the bottle and her friendship with Tariq?

Draw and write a character profile for Calvin Redfern - what do we know about him from the book? What do we NOT know?

Write your own short story based on the mystery genre.

Do a landscape sketch or painting of the coast of Cornwall, where Laura lives with her uncle (look online for images).

Research the area surrounding Dead Man's Cove in Cornwall (yes, it is a real place!) and see what similarities and differences there are between the real location and the description of where Laura lives in the book.



There are more books with the main character from Dead Man's Cove. They are called 'The Laura Marlin Mysteries' ; you may like to read some of those too.

Book Bingo Challenge

Grammar Guide for Parents

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