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Connected curriculum


Following recent staff training, we are using a nationally commissioned scheme to help us teach maths - Maths No Problem! More information for parents can be found by following this link


In English, we base our curriculum on the recommended genres by Lancashire and ensure progression by using the KLIPS (Key Learning Indicators of Performance) inline with the National Curriculum. 



We follow the National Curriculum for science and weave in lots of opportunities for children to experiment and explore in practical ways. In Key stage 2, we use a 4 year rolling program to ensure that every child has the required coverage. 

Religious Education

Physical Education (based on the Lancashire Scheme of work)

In History, we follow the National Curriculum objectives and use the Lancashire KLIPs (Key Learning Indicators of Performance) to ensure progression throughout year groups. We enrich our History curriculum with educational visits, themed days and weeks, and by exploring history through other subjects e.g. Art and Music.



We follow the National Curriculum guidance for Geography and have carefully mapped the skills to ensure progression. Progression is also informed by the Lancashire KLIPs (Key Learning Indicators in Performance). We also use Geography to explore cultures from around the world.


We love art at Balshaw Lane. As well as following the national curriculum, we find opportunities for children to practise their artistic skill throughout other subjects. We have led art projects with other Euxton schools, for example, our recent faith arts week and have had an enterprise week which led to children displaying and selling their artwork in a pop up art gallery.

Design Technology 

As well as following the National Curriculum for Design Technology, we seek opportunities to practise skills as part of the rest of the curriculum. We have held several enterprise weeks where children have designed, made and sold a wide range of products for different purposes. Children have the opportunity to use a wide range of tools and are encouraged to plan for unique and creative outcomes.


We have a very rich music curriculum at Balshaw Lane. Our music lessons are delivered by a music specialist and are designed to cover a diverse range of eras and cultures. Our children are exposed to a range of famous musicians and genres as part of school assemblies, In addition to the curriculum, we provide after school singing clubs for the children and use The Lancashire Music Service to offer a range of instrument lessons. All of our year 3 children learn an instrument- for the past 2 years this has been the ukulele