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"The curriculum is outstanding and includes a rich emphasis on the arts and sport."

Ofsted, November 2011


“The children come home with both knowledge and skill-based curriculum understanding in all areas of the school learning e.g. enquiry skills and topic knowledge in science and history – not just taught facts.”

“Good range – focus on key subjects but also promote arts, music (inc specialist teachers and music lessons via hub), science themed weeks are good for deeper learning.  Great range in sports.  Also good to have specialist language lessons.”

“Strong focus on children enjoying learning whilst learning and stretching.  A strong focus on reading and maths mastery.”

Parents' Questionnaire comments, Autumn 2022.


Balshaw Lane's Curriculum


Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2)  follow the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum in England. The curriculum  for the Reception children is derived from the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Our curriculum across school is taught through our bespoke Balshaw Lane Connected Curriculum.  An overview of the curriculum connectors can be viewed by following the link below.


There are photos showing our work in computing, music and sport on the Gallery page in the Children's section.


Balshaw Lane's Connected Curriculum

At Balshaw Lane, we strive to provide an engaging and motivating curriculum, alongside our aim for high academic standards.  We design our curriculum around 'connectors' which link together the learning in different subjects. We find that this makes the learning more meaningful for the children and helps them to make connections to their own experiences and to 'real life'.


The links below explain about our Reading and Phonics work, as well as our Connected Curriculum. There are also copies of the termly Curriculum Letters which go out to each class.


Further curriculum information can be found by following the links below to the DfE's National Curriculum and Early Years curriculum.

“Curriculum letters show a wide range of varied curriculum.”

“Parents are well communicated to through half termly topic letter.”

“Good use of apps to help parents to support learning at home.”

Parents' Questionnaire comments, Autumn 2022.

Curriculum accessibility

At Balshaw Lane, we ensure that our curriculum is accessible to all children. We make reasonable adjustments on an individual basis for children with SEND. This may also include adjustments for parents who have SEND so that they can fully support their child.

Our Equality Policy and Accessibility Plan detail how we consider protected characteristics in our curriculum and facilities. The Equality Policy can be found on the Policies and Procedures page.

The Accessibility Plan can be found on our SEND page.

National Curriculum

Early Years Curriculum

“The curriculum is excellent taking the core of a strong national focus, but including flexibility and exciting extras that ignite imagination and bring fun to the process.”

“Each different part of the curriculum is taught with passion and excitement. It makes learning a fun and enchanting experience.”

“Captured my son’s attention through the topic work by how it is taught, inspiring my son to seek to further develop his knowledge independently.”

Parents' Questionnaire comments, Autumn 2022.