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“My son is loving school so far, he skips in and skips out! He is learning fast!”

“School is perfect. Our kids are very happy every day that they go to school.”

Parental Questionnaire comments, Autumn 2019.



Please help us by following this guidance: Parents are asked to use the 'one-way system' around the Bredon/Mallom estate to help our local neighbours. Parking should be done carefully so that drives are not blocked. Parking on double yellow line bends is not allowed. Parents are asked not to drop children off in the middle of the road nor to park on the staff car park. Thank you.


Breakfast Club is offered in the school hall from 8.30am. If parents require care before 8.30am, please contact Time Out club based at Yarrow Nursery.

Children arrive at school from 8.45am. Ms Gregson is at the gate each morning to greet the children and parents.

Our Crossing Patrol, is available to cross the children on Cotswold Avenue.

Infants walk with porents to the infants' playground where they wait together until the whistle is blown at 8.50am. At this point, parents leave the playground so that the children can line up independently in their classes and be taken in by the teachers. We ask that parents say goodbyes and give kisses before the whistle so that the children can line up independently.

Juniors walk independently to the junior playground where they can play until the Class 8 doors are opened. The children then walk into school, organise their belongings and go into class. Once in class, the junior children are expected to settle down to their morning activities by 8.55am.

Time Out children are walked over by the club staff and a member of Balshaw Lane staff signs the children in.

School starts at 8.55am.

The register is taken and school dinners are ordered by 9.10am. Late arrivals are recorded on the register.



There are assemblies across the week for our collective worship and singing practice, at 9.10am or the end of the day. Our collective worship is mostly Christianity-based as required by the government. However, we also share a strong focus on different faiths and cultures to reflect the different backgrounds of our children and to develop mutual respect for others in our modern,multi-cultural society.

Our whole school Monday assembly celebrates achievements with certificates from school and home.


Morning lessons

Morning lessons are usually English and Maths with a strong focus on developing core skills. Lessons take place in classrooms with support groups working in various places around school. Some teaching eg phonics/spelling involves children working in groups which may have children from different classes in them.

Lesson activities may take place outside, with Early Years learning extending outside as much as possible. The EY play area has a conopy to facilitate this, even in poor weather.


Morning playtime

The children have 15 minutes playtime from 10.15-10.30am. The juniors and infants have separate playgrounds. Two members of staff are on playground duty on each playground.

Toast is sold in the hall for juniors. A tray of toast is taken to the infants' playground for the infants to buy.

The whistle is blown at the end of playtime. Infants line up in classes and are taken in by classteachers. The juniors are called in class by class.



Lunchtime is from 12.00-1.05pm. All infants are entitled to free school meals. Juniors choose either school meals or packed lunches. The children can sit together whichever they choose.

The kitchen staff serve food at the counter. There are at least two choices each day, supplemented by a fresh salad bar and bread basket. The welfare staff help the children in the hall and on the playgrounds or, in the summer, on the field.

The Reception children are taken into the hall first and assisted with their food choices and cutting up when necessary. Year 1 come in for lunch next. Year 2 play out for a short while before they are called in.

Once the infants have finished lunch, they go out to play until 1.05pm, supervised by the welfare staff.

The juniors have a dinner rota which changes each week so that it's a different class coming in first each week. Each class is called in from around 12.20pm, has their lunch and then goes back out to play.

The routine at the end of lunchtime is the same as at the end of playtime.


Afternoon lessons

Afternoon lessons tend to be foundation subjects or the other core subjects of Computing, Science and RE. Lessons are often creative and practical, sometimes outside. PE lessons take place in the hall, on the playground or on the field.


Afternoon playtime

The infants have playtime each afternoon  with a healthy fruit or veg snack provided.

Juniors have playtime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.



Hometime is at 3.20pm. This is when lessons finish so the children may take a few minutes to gather their belongings and reach the playground. The gate onto the junior playground is opened at 3.10pm so that parents can wait there.

Infants are taken out to the infants’ playground by the classteacher and each child is handed over to the parent or named collector. Y2 children are handed over to parents on the KS2 playground. However, if they have a sibling in Reception or Y1, they are walked round to the infants' playground to be handed over.

Juniors come out of the classroom or 'crossroads' doors independently and may walk home independently.

The crossing patrol is available to cross the children over Cotswold Avenue and there is a pedestrian crossing on Balshaw Lane.


After school activities

Extra-curricular clubs take place until 4.20/4.30pm. Activities may take place in the hall, classrooms or outside. Clubs may be led by the Chorley Sports Partnership or by external providers such as tae kwondo, dance mania and fencing.

Parents are allowed to use the school car park when they come to collect children from clubs. 

Time Out club collect their children from the hall and then walk them over to the club based at Yarrow Nursery if they are staying later. 



Infants’ playtime

School dinners are delicious at our school