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School Clubs

“When the teachers spot a passion, they encourage this to blossom.”

“My children have really enjoyed the clubs eg crochet, dance etc.”

Parental Questionnaire comments

Each term, we offer a range of different extra-curricular clubs. 

Information about the clubs offer is sent home to all parents.

Parents are able to choose which club(s) they would like their child to attend.

If a club is over-subscribed, it may be run again the following term.


Most clubs are held after school but some may be in the morning or during lunchtime.

Most are free, when led by school staff or the SSP; others have a cost when led by an external provider.


We carefully monitor which clubs our children attend so that all have the opportunity to attend at least one.

Our disadvantaged pupils are identified as a priority for extra-curricular clubs. 


Sport clubs

Many clubs are sporting with some led by the Chorley School Sports Partnership which our school buys into.

Some sport clubs are in preparation for high level competitions so there may some selection of able sporting pupils.

In recent years, we have had clubs in girls' and boys' football; athletics, dance, gymnastics, yoga and cricket.

Clubs led by external providers (paid): DanceMania, judo, fencing, tae kwondo.

Disadvantaged children are able to attend these paying clubs, funded by Pupil Premium.


Other clubs

We aim to offer a range to interest all children.

In recent years, these have included: crochet, drama, film, craft & cookery, gardening and Young Voices.

Clubs led by external providers (paid): Pet Club, Spanish.

Disadvantaged children are able to attend these paying clubs, funded by Pupil Premium.

School Council

Sports Clubs

Gymnastics Club

Music tuition

Southlands Quiz Team

Spanish club

Tae Kwondo