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School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan 2021-22


Each year we focus on key priorities which drive our school improvement.

These priorities are derived from analysis of data, observations around school and input from staff and governors.

We take into account parental feedback from the questionnaire or from daily chats with you.

We have a School Adviser, Mrs Austen, who comes in to work with us and challenge us in our improvement work.

Each term, the leadership team evaluate progress towards the key priorities and report on this to the governors.


2021-22 School Improvement Priorities


1. To maximise recovery of learning, curriculum and ethos by the end of the year.

We will be working hard to accelerate the children’s progress following the Covid-19 disruptions. The staff reviewed our curriculum following the lockdowns to ensure that gaps have been mapped out for the future. It may take some time to re-build knowledge and skills so that they are secure and not rushed. We want to ensure that knowledge is gained logically and sequentially as the building blocks from Reception upwards.

We are keen to return Balshaw Lane to its vibrant ethos with engaging learning and events including curriculum weeks; Team Days; Golden Ticket weeks; educational visits and visitors; Christmas performances. Additionally, our full range of extra-curricular clubs will be back for the children's personal development.


2. To improve standards in writing across school.

Writing has been hardest hit by the lockdown disruption because the children have had less time to practise their skills such as letter formation, sentence construction and structuring their work. The children’s concentration and stamina also need building up so that they can write at length.

We will be increasing opportunities to write across the curriculum and to improve spelling.


3. To further enhance the role of subject leaders.

Our teachers all lead a subject across school. They help each other to ensure the quality of learning is high in every subject. The subject leaders already have strong subject knowledge. We will be developing our expertise further by using research findings and subject-related pedagogy.