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School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan 2020-21


Each year we focus on key priorities which drive our school improvement.

These priorities are derived from analysis of data, observations around school and input from staff and governors.

We take into account parental feedback from the questionnaire or from daily chats with you.

We have a School Adviser, Mrs Austen, who comes in to work with us and challenge us in our improvement work.

Each term, the leadership team evaluate progress towards the key priorities and report on this to the governors.


2020-21 School Improvement Priorities


1. To raise the profile of and engagement in Reading across the curriculum and across school.

  • After the lockdown from March-September 2020, we will re-assess the children in order to build on this baseline. We intend to inspire them in their love of reading, engaging them with a range of texts across different subject areas.
  • We will support children who have particularly fallen behind with reading during the lockdown, either with targeted reading in class and/or with reading intervention.
  • We will review our teaching of Guided Reading to further develop fluency, stamina and vocabulary.
  • Our phonics scheme will be revitalised in order to make accelerated progress with our youngest children.


2. To improve standards in writing across KS1 and KS2.

  • Many children need to re-gain writing skills such as concentration (holding a sentence); application (transcription of ideas) and stamina (ability to write for a length of time). We will aim to re-motivate them to write and to support them, providing catch-up intervention in Y1 &2 .
  • At Balshaw Lane, we believe that a love of reading is crucial for good writing—to provide imaginative ideas and strong vocabulary. We will focus on this link to inspire all writing.
  • There will also be a focus on phonics and spelling.


3. To develop the broader curriculum across the school, including remote education.

  • We aim to build on our connected curriculum, including provision in all subjects. Our children will return to the broad, rich range which always engages them and fires up their love of learning.
  • Our remote education offer will include live lessons, pre-recorded input and tasks set via the Seesaw app. This is to enable families to access the learning provision in a flexible way