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Young Voices 2020

Just a few more weeks until this year's concert - Friday 31st January 2020!

I believe Tony Hadley is looking forward to singing with me again. wink 

Last Thursday's rehearsal sounded amazing. I hope you are all doing lots of practising of the songs you don't know so well. As usual, being an old fogey, I have got to do a lot of work on the Pop Medley.

Can I remind all grown ups that your tickets are available to collect from the School Office? An adult signature is required. I have been advised that the T shirt order should be sent to us at the end of this week.


Best wishes 

Mrs Bowden


I hope the date is in your diaries - Tuesday 12th February 2019. It seems a long way off at the moment but you have  made great progress with the songs so far. This week we are looking at 'We are the world' and learning the signing in the chorus so please look at the dance video as well as the lyrics, and don't forget to keep practising the songs we've learnt:


'Thank you for the days' medley

'Moana mashup'

'A little can change'

'Any dream will do'

'It's a swing thing'


Gosh, what a lot we've covered! sad

Mrs B x

YV 2018

Very impressed with your rendition of 'Name that Toon' from memory this week. We'll be attempting the same thing with 'Singing Together' this week so check those lyrics. We're also  going to make a start on 'Pop goes the Classics' this week so please have a listen before Thursday if you can.

Mrs B x smiley

New Year, new concert!


An early concert date of 23rd January means lots of hard work ahead, and what a great start we've made. After just three rehearsals we have already cracked the Name that Toon medley and Hakuna Matata. A slip went home tonight with details of how to access all the resources on the Young Voices website, please let me know if you didn't get one. Looking forward to being back in the hall next week - and busting some moves. frown



Oh What A Night! Thursday 2nd February 2017

Yet another fabulous Young Voices concert! Well done to each and every one of you. smiley You have made a fantastic effort this year and you sounded amazing. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I have already pre-registered for next year.


I must admit I felt so proud when I turned round during the concert and saw you all singing, smiling and dancing your hearts out - it brought a tear to my eye.


It was a great shame for Emi-Jae and Emily that they were both poorly on the day and were unable to come with us. wink We were thinking of you.  


A huge 'Thank You' to Mrs Mathers who has helped me out in rehearsals and was rocking away with Luke during the concert.


Singing Club will be starting in a couple of weeks for anyone who is interested.


Mrs Bowden x

Nearly there!

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? In just over a week we'll be off to Manchester. I have been so impressed in our last couple of weeks; you have obviously been trying really hard with those song words. Final rehearsal this week, busting some moves to Justin Timberlake - not sure if you can beat the teachers' dance from the Summer though. surprise

New Young Voices

As a new school begins so a new Young Voices group starts on the journey to Manchester Arena. Stricter copyright enforcement means that learning all the songs will be much tougher this year, but I am sure you will rise to the challenge. You've made a great start already - I think 'Sing' is going to be my favourite this year. Keep up the good work. 

Mrs B x

Balshaw Lane Young Voices in concert!

Here we are, off on tour surprise. For one night only Balshaw Lane Primary's Young Voices played Manchester Arena. What a night! We sang our hearts out with Tom Billington, Laura Wright, Beatbox Collective, Urban Strides AND special guest Alexandra Burke. This is the sixth year we have taken part in the Young Voices concerts and they just seem to get better and better each year.


Thank you everybody for all your hard work learning the songs and dance moves, it really paid off, you sounded fantastic. I hope you all enjoyed it, even though it's a long day. Mrs Gregson, can we please come to school in our pyjamas again next year? (Hee, hee) Thank you also for the big cheers you gave me when I went on the stage - I was very nervous!! 


From the lovely comments I have had from some parents I think the grown ups enjoyed it too - I hope they were all grooving to Uptown Funk frown.


I'm having a couple of Thursdays off and then I will be running Singing Club for all those that are interested.


Mrs Bowden

Oh my goodness! You sounded AMAZING at this week's rehearsal. frown The workman, who was fitting the new door in the reception area, told Mrs Moss that he couldn't believe he was listening to a primary school choir. 


Do you watch Blue Peter? They had a feature about YV this week when Barney conducted Power in Me at one of the Sheffield concerts. If this is your first year have a look at it and you'll get an idea of what you've got to look forward to.   The YV bit is at about 18 min 30 s.


I keep reading messages from teachers who have already taken part in the concerts in London, Birmingham and Sheffield and I can't wait for our turn. 


Thank you for your hard work, keep it up smiley

Mrs Bowden x


P.S. Woohoo! I've just realised that it is our World Book day celebration the day after YV, so we can all crawl out of bed and come to school in our PJs. Zzzzz

Happy New Year!

Well, when I originally registered we were performing on Feb. 4th but Jason Derulo bumped Young Voices back into March so, luckily for us, we have a few more weeks to rehearse. I hope you've all had a good holiday and have been learning the words in between present opening and eating chocolate (or was that just me?). surprise 

I have to admit I'm still a bit unsure of all the words in the Transport of delight - the bit that starts "It's worth it just to ride inside..." and the rapping part of Everything is awesome,  but I keep telling myself that I eventually managed to remember all of the colours for Joseph's coat last year so I'll keep at it. 


I wonder how Mrs Gregson is getting on...sad, I need to do some serious swotting.....! angel Ms G x


Wow, only 3 weeks in and our first couple of songs are sounding really good! I wonder how well we will do this week when we attempt Get Loud without having the words on the screen sad. I hope that you've all taken note of the date change - at least we've got an extra month to practise. You should all be bringing home an order form this week.  PLEASE return it by the deadline date, it makes my life a lot easier and I wouldn't want your families and friends to miss out on this wonderful evening. 


Keeeeeeep singing! smiley


Life is a mystery...



Woohoo! I have the music pack and I think you're going to really enjoy the songs this year. I will be busy trying to learn them over the holidays so that we're ready to start in September. 


Oh what a night!

WOW! What a great night we had on Thursday. It all went far too quickly though. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Well done and thank you for your hard work this year. I think the songs were some of the hardest we've had in the four years that Balshaw Lane has taken part but you rose to the challenge.

What was your favourite bit?

My personal highlight has to be standing on the main stage singing in the Teachers Choir, thinking of all those famous people who've stood where I was standing, and trying not to think about the 20,000 children and adults that were listening and watching! It was a bit scary at first but it was great when I looked up and saw you waving at me frown.

The registration pack  will be arriving shortly so we can do it all again next year, I wonder what we'll be singing...

We have now gone through all the songs - hooray!!!! frown

Rockquiem and Dies Irae have been quite a challenge, but it was great to hear how many of you actually like singing them now that we've realised we can sing, not only in Latin, but also very high notes!


All we need to do now is........ PRACTISE. You'll enjoy the day so much more if you know the words. Ms Gregson? No sheets allowed. sad

(I'm doing better this year! Do you know all the colours in the Webber medley Mrs Bowden????? frown...- Ms G x)


Polish off your dancing shoes because we'll be busting some moves over the next couple of weeks. I know I kept that quiet Mrs Mathers, but there's no escape. surprise


It was red and yellow ... 

Rehearsals are well under way for the Young Voices concert next year. March seems a long time off at the moment but we've still got quite a few songs to learn. sad

 How many of the colours for Joseph's coat do you know? I'm pretty good on the first nine but I need to work on the rest (I know BLUE comes last)!

There's another dance track this year so don't forget to check  the Young Voices website - you can watch the videos and teach your parentssmiley

Keeeeeeep singing

Mrs Bowden x